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To get the most out of our charter fishing tours in Sydney, there are a few bits and pieces it pays to know.

What to Bring

Fishing is a great deal more fun if you’re well-prepared.

Here is a suggested check list of items to bring on your fishing trip:

  • Warm clothing – it can get cold at sea even though warm on land
  • Wet weather gear
  • Camera/phone to record a happy snap of that big fish
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Lunch and nibbles
  • Drinks: soft drink, bottled water and of course your beers
  • Your favourite rod and reel if you wish (Note: Our price includes the provision of all tackle for the day)

Our Boat

Our deep sea fishing vessel was specifically built as a charter boat for fishing Sydney’s coastal waters and to fulfil the requirements of deep sea off-shore fishing anglers. The vessel is fitted with the latest electronic equipment including satellite GPS navigation plotters, sonar including 3D side scan and radar. The vessel conforms to USL (Universal Shipping Law) Code and carries all required safety equipment including life rafts and the latest satellite detectable emergency 406mhz locator beacons.

Our Skippers

For our day fishing trips, our skippers are Masters, Coxswains and Marine Engineers. All hold Marine Radio Operator Licences and are First-Aid qualified. They are recognised by the IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) for their professional and ethical approach to fishing. Together they have secured in excess of 50 angling records including ten IGFA world records.


On all fishing charter trips from Sydney the vessel carries a deckhand. They are First-Aid qualified and are experienced fishermen in their own right. They will help with tackle, fish handling and will assist with cleaning your catch.

Depart: 0530hrs from Tonkin Street Wharf, Cronulla. Return: Approx. 1330hrs at the Wharf.
Or as it is your charter you rejig the departure time however, return time remains 1330hrs.

Your Boat:
Zelda Faith II: Maximum 20 persons

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