Sydney Charter Fishing Trips and Services

Want to go deep sea fishing in Sydney? Then step onboard Bravo Fishing Charters for an unforgettable day on the water. Whether you’re an experienced angler or want to experience fishing for the very first time, you’ll have a great time on our deep sea fishing boat with our experienced crew.

Any time of the year is ideal for deep sea fishing trips in Sydney. The fish are on the reefs and sand all year round, with different species available across different seasons.

Fishing in Sydney’s really deep water, starting at about 450 meters. Blue Eye Cod, Bass, Grouper, Gemfish, Frost Fish, Imperador (Alfonsin), Orange Roughy, Deep Sea Perch and Giant Boar Fish are just a few of the possible catches.

There are few things in life that can match the excitement of a Sport Fishing Charter off Sydney’s coast. At Bravo Fishing, we love taking groups out on the water to experience the thrill of the fight, reeling in and landing one of these fast-moving creatures.

Catching a large Snapper is a goal of many local fishers and a highlight for most anglers. Any Snapper less than 3kgs will gain a smile from most fishermen and those more than 5kg will gain a broad smile. A Snapper weighing 10kg or more is classed as a true trophy-sized fish and will be the pride and joy of anyone who catches one!

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