Enjoy a Day at Sea on a Snapper Fishing Charter in Sydney with Bravo Fishing Charters in Cronulla

If you love fishing, you love to fish for snapper. The most prized fish in Australian waters, snapper are plentiful in the Sydney region. At Bravo Fishing Charters, we provide snapper fishing charters near Cronulla where we are located. For many fishermen, it is their goal to catch a trophy-size, 10kg or more, snapper, but even the smaller ones will still give your fisherman ego a boost. With an experienced crew of sea captains and deckhands, we strive to make your experience a truly memorable one. We know the local waters, can help with bait and lures, provide fishing technology, and we are record-holding fishermen ourselves. Whether you are an experienced angler or not, Bravo Fishing Charters will provide an exciting day at sea and one where you will experience the thrill of landing the big catch.

Snapper Fishing Near Sydney

Snapper are a heavily targeted fish and are fun to try and catch in the deep waters off of Cronulla. You will have a great experience fishing for snapper with our experienced captains. Our staff is comprised of record-holding fishermen who know the waters in the area and where the best fishing spots are located. We will help your group have an exciting day filled with good times and a great catch.

If you are looking for that trophy-sized snapper, you should know that you can find them in depths as little as five metres. You are more likely to find them offshore lurking in waters at depths between 20 and 70 metres, and some are caught at even deeper levels. Snapper are not all that particular about bait either, which makes them easier to catch. This is the type of knowledge that we at Bravo Fishing Charters provide to all of our guests. We provide our expertise, knowledge, and much more to ensure your snapper fishing charters near Sydney are memorable.

What We Provide for Your Snapper Fishing Charter near Cronulla

We will provide everything you need to have an enjoyable day at sea. We provide rods, reels, hooks, line, sinkers, and quality bait. If you have a favourite rod and reel combination, you can bring it, but it is not necessary. You will have the option of using our rail-mounted winches. You do not need to worry about your catch either. Our experienced deckhands will take care of everything once you bring your catch on board. We will remove the fish from the hook, gut it, scale it, and clean it, then chill your catch in ice cold sea water.

All you need to bring is some lunch, your favourite beverages of choice, and a great attitude. We do recommend that you bring a few things to make sure your trip is enjoyable. It can get cold out at sea, even if it is much warmer on land. It is advisable to bring some warm clothing as well as some wet weather wear. Most days at sea are sunny; therefore, you are going to want to pack a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Other than those items, we have everything else covered.

For more information on a snapper fishing charter near Sydney, call us on 02 9888 9494 or 0428 297 513. For a Quick Charter Enquiry, fill out the online form on our website.

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