A Day Fishing Trip in Sydney Out in the Deep Sea Is a Perfect Way to Spend Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a special day each year. Why not spend the day with your dad doing something exciting? Sure, there are plenty of activities to choose from, but the excitement of a deep sea fishing trip near Sydney is something that you and your father will remember for years. It may even become something that you do every year. At Bravo Fishing Charters, we provide our guests with everything they need to have an amazing experience. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or not, we will make sure your time with us is fun and memorable.

What to Expect from a Day Fishing Trip near Sydney

Our vessel, the Zelda Faith II, routinely brings back guests with large catches and huge smiles on their faces. You can expect your Father’s Day to be a day filled with fish and fun. We provide most everything you need to ensure that your trip is a success. All of the required tackle is provided including rods, reels, hooks, line, sinkers, and good quality bait. If you have a favourite rod and reel, you are more than welcome to bring it along.

Another thing you can expect is our experienced deckhands to take great care of you. When you bring a fish on board, a deckhand will be ready to remove the fish from the hook and then gut it, scale it, and clean it for you, then chill your catch in ice cold sea water. Bring a cooler to take your day’s catch with you.

Your father and your group will benefit from the experience of our crew. They are all record holding fishermen and know the local waters very well. They know the best fishing spots from Sydney to the Royal National Park and everywhere between. Our boat is equipped with the latest in GPS technology and is built for the sole purpose of fishing off the coast of Sydney.

Bring These Items to Ensure a Happy Father?s Day

In an effort to make sure that you, your father, and the rest of your group gets the most out of your day fishing trips near Sydney, we have a list of items that we recommend you bring. It is often cooler at sea than on land. We recommend that you bring both wet weather clothing and some warm items. You should also bring a lunch, some nibbles, and your favourite beverages. We find that it is often sunny when we are out at sea, so we suggest that you bring a hat, some sunglasses, and sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Other than those items, bring yourselves and a desire to have a great time at sea.

This year, celebrate your Father’s Day by spending some quality time with your dad aboard on our fishing boat, the Zelda Faith II, and fish the deep sea. For more information about our deep sea fishing trips near Sydney, call us directly on 02 9888 9494 or 0428 297 513. You can also request information by fill out our Quick Charter Enquiry found on our website.

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